Comprehensive Estate Planning

Estate planning typically attempts to eliminate uncertainties over the administration of a probate and maximize the value your estate by reducing taxes and other expenses.

How much is enough for your family, and how much should go to causes you believe in? Is it wise to begin gifting in your lifetime? Are trusts the right tool? Jim can help you build estate plans that are grounded in your priorities.

Now that you have built your wealth, you want to safeguard your prosperity for the future. An effective trust and estate plan expresses your deeply held values and priorities – what’s important to you. You want the assurance that:

  1. your loved ones will be protected
  2. your wishes will be carried out
  3. the transfer to your heirs will be smooth and orderly

Whether you want to maximize inheritance for your heirs, keep the family business in the family, or leave a philanthropic legacy, we work diligently to make your wishes a reality. We can help you transfer assets to your heirs in the most effective way possible.

Do you need help to plan for gifts to children or grandchildren in a way that nurtures all aspects of your family’s legacy, not just financial wealth .

Allow us to look after your interests as you pass on your wealth to your family members, generations to come and to the causes you hold dear.

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