Below are a few comments that we have received from our clients over recent years. Nothing makes us more proud than satisfying our clients expectations.

Jim has been our insurance advisor for over 20 years. Jim is a thorough, calm and careful professional. He has always presented us with secure options and has kept us appraised of changes in the insurance market. We respect his professionalism and trust his careful and considered approach to our changing needs. After all these years he has never let us down and has always responded promptly to queries and concerns, and changing needs. He was very important in the process when a claim had be submitted. We would not hesitate to give Jim our warmest recommendations and we look forward to having Jim continue as our advisor for many years.

Drs. E and R Thomas

Jim Matson and Matson Financial have served the Richards family insurance needs for many years. Jim has shown a level of excellence that is very rare in today’s marketplace. We look forward to working with Jim for many years to come.
The Richards family

Jim was very personable, professional and considerate in his presentation of policies that might suit my needs. After I settled on an insurance strategy that worked for me Jim kept in contact over the years to inform me of any updates offered by the insurance companies. Later when I did have to make a claim Jim was very helpful with instructions on how to proceed.
Dr. C. Kavanagh

My husband and I have known Jim for many years, and we are thankful to have had his good advice. No one knows what the future will bring but Jim convinced me to buy some income protection in a professional plan. I thought it was a bit expensive at the time, but after talking to him he convinced me to put it in place. It turned out to be the wisest decision I could ever make. Jim has a quiet gentle manner, he is not “pushy” or forceful in any way. I trusted Jim, and I am so thankful that I did. About three years later through a series of events impossible to predict, I found myself unable to function normally in my job and in a mess physically due to some errors made in our health care system. Little did I know then I would not be able to go back to work permanently. Jim assisted us with the claim, and once benefits started to flow the considerable financial stress in our lives disappeared. Jim made sure I had the right plan which included annual cost of living increases which became very important as time passed. Jim visited me regularly to see how I was doing. He is a pleasure to talk to, easy to listen to, and we have been greatly encouraged by him.

Y. Mostat